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Money Mart 1704
(206) 622-2274
1206 1st Ave
Seattle, WA
Homestreet Insurance
(206) 389-4440
601 Union St Ste 2000
Seattle, WA
Payday Loans Seattle
(206) 971-2831
1368 5th Ave
Seattle, WA
Payday Loans

Seattle Savings Bank
(206) 281-1500
190 Queen Anne Ave N Ste 100
Seattle, WA
(206) 763-3100
9211 Delridge Way Sw
Seattle, WA
Washington Federal Savings
(206) 624-7930
425 Pike St., 2nd Floor
Seattle, WA
Cash Advance Seattle
(206) 971-1823
1113 3rd Ave
Seattle, WA
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Payday Loans

1St Security Bank Of Washington
(206) 441-9896
119 Cedar St
Seattle, WA
Academic Loan Resource
(206) 461-5408
500 Colman Bldg 811 1 Ave
Seattle, WA
Cit Small Business Lending
(206) 547-5545
109 Ne 52nd St
Seattle, WA

Invest in a Business or Franchise

Table of Contents
2007's Top 10 Investments Under $25,000
1. Invest in a single family or multi-family property
2. Invest in gold and silver
3. Invest in foreclosure properties
4. Invest in mobile homes
5. Invest in fractional ownership of timber
6. Invest in loans
7. Invest with partners on larger projects
8. Invest in Japanese yen
9. Invest in a business or franchise
10. Invest in vacant land (domestic or foreign)

#9  Investment Under $25,000 for 2007

There are three ways to start a business: start it from scratch, purchase an existing business or invest in a franchise . Risks are high in starting a business from scratch, but startup costs can be lower, and business possibilities—and potential rewards—are limited only by the investor's imagination.

Franchises and existing businesses offer a low investment way to get started. A down payment of $25,000 on an SBA loan will typically allow an investor to qualify for a loan of $100,000 to $125,000.

The lowest-cost franchises will probably be home-based or Internet franchises that don't require costly commercial space build outs, extensive inventory and high initial franchise license fees. Success rates in franchising are higher than those for businesses started from scratch, but they also generally offer a smaller upside potential.

Investors researching franchise opportunities should be aware of the distinction between franchise opportunities and "business opportunities" that are often listed on the same franchise search sites but which are not technically franchises. Such "business opportunities" can include things such as vending machine investments. Overall, business opportunities tend to be much riskier than actual franchise opportunities.

Where to find investments:

Franchise search websites or consultant companies can provide information about price ranges of various franchises. Some helpful search sites include, and Consultant companies include Murphy Business and Financial Corporation, The Entrepreneur's Source, FranChoice and more. BizBuySell and BizQuest are great resources for finding existing businesses, including franchise resales. (Also see NuWire's list of Top 15 Franchise Investments for 2007 .)

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Investment Opportunities in Panama

Panama has a variety of investment opportunities, including a burgeoning condo market in Panama City, miles of untouched beaches on the Caribbean coast and everything in between. While some markets are poised to become overbuilt, others are still full of long-term promise.

Real estate investors can choose anything from unspoiled beachfront property to downtown high rise condos. Other investments, such as businesses in the tourism and service sectors, could be promising because of Panama's steadily increasing tourism industry.

In addition, many baby boomers, looking to stretch their retirement money and still enjoy a traditional retirement lifestyle, are moving to places both sunny and inexpensive. Panama draws many American retirees because of its proximity to the U.S. and the incentive programs it offers to retirees, such as tax exemptions and deferrals and discounts for entertainment and travel, among other things.

beach looking at downtown panama city
Panama investors can choose from beachfront real estate to downtown condos Further, Panama City's reputation as a business center is gaining steam, and the city has begun to draw multinational corporations to the area.


Interest in Panama's real estate market started "in the interior [of the country], where you look at places like Bocas del Toro and you look at places like Boquete, which were initially…destination locations that were hyped for their beautiful climate, low cost of living, cheap land" and other features, Matt Landau, founder and CEO of The Panama Report and a real estate consultant based in Panama City, said.

But "real estate prices have accelerated, particularly in the last two years," Lyle Burke, founder of, an investment discovery tour company, said. "There are still many good buys…many good investment opportunities, but of course, like any other emerging market, prices are coming up."

For lots on the Pacific, "you're around $200,000 and for a house, you're probably up around $500,000," Jeff Duda of Panama Casa, a property management company, said. "If you compare it to Florida, it's still pretty cheap."

"I don't know where in Miami you can buy a 200 square meter condo overlooking the ocean for $200,000 or $300,000," Landau said.

Prices are also rising because Panama's international profile is increasing. Many multinational corporations now have locations in Panama. Panama is "a high-end business sector," and many multinational banks and law offices have set up operations in Panama, Burke said.

Map of Panama
Panama's convenient location and infrastructure attract U.S. investors "Panama City is very much a business center of Central America," Duda said. "It is…the New York or Hong Kong of Central America." 

"From a business perspective, this country is going to boom quite a ways [into] the future," he said. "The Latin American country group is ...

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Small Business Opportunities As The US Shifts To A Service-Based Economy

The Bureau of Labor's statistics show the US shifting towards becoming service-oriented economy, with nearly all job creation projected over the next decade coming in the service industry. For entrepreneurs looking to cash in on the future, the medical research, healthcare, wellness, business services and green/environmental services industries are expected to be among the fastest growing business sectors. See the following article from The Street for more on this.

small business opportunities
Economic forecasting isn't exactly a science; if it was, most investors would have sold off their stock holdings in 2007. But demographic data can be used to divine general trends about what Americans will be buying and selling in the years ahead. And small businesses that cater to those needs will have a big advantage.

Every year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases employment projections for the coming decade, including a list of the fastest-growing occupations. While the listings are helpful for college students trying to decide on a marketable major or job-switchers trying to move into a more promising field, they can also serve as a road map for business opportunities.

We've heard plenty about the country's shift to a service-based economy, and the most recent BLS numbers show that trend continuing. Of the jobs created in the next decade, the vast majority (96%) will be in the service industry. Occupations expected to add the most workers include restaurant servers and cooks, landscapers, administrative assistants, security guards, maintenance workers and child-care staff.

Most of those jobs are relatively low-skill and low-paid, which has added to the hand-wringing over the state of the American economy. But job growth is also expected to be steady for service professions requiring specialized training. As the U.S. population increases, so will its need for doctors, nurses and teachers. Bookkeepers, accountants and auditors are also expected to be in demand.

The BLS also publishes a round-up of the fastest-growing occupations. These five industries are expected to see rapid job growth, and they're all fields where small companies can make a mark:

Medical Research

Facing the imminent loss of valuable patents on blockbuster drugs, large drug companies are scrambling to find their next big moneymakers. But Americans' quest for cures continues -- whether it's a magic pill that targets obesity or a specialized gene therapy for an obscure inherited disease. That leaves an opening for smaller research companies willing and able to take risks.

Green Jobs

Many "green jobs" projects are years away from reality. In the meantime, companies recognize sustainability isn't just a slogan -- it's something customers and business  partners expect to see in action. Jobs for environmental engineers are expected to increase, and firms that specialize in environmental consulting and planning should benefit from the increasing pressure t...

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