Real Estate Investments Seattle WA

The idea of owning rental real estate seems to be gaining popularity as investors tire of the unpredictability of the stock market. Read the following articles to better understand issues such as how to buy investment properties, work with tenants, understand leases and evictions, hire property managers or buy mortgages and trust deeds.
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Real Estate Investment Listings Seattle WA is a real estate search website that may be helpful for investors. It offers property listings, mapping features, and demographical information for real estate properties across the U.S.

Property Tax Services Seattle WA

Looking for Property Tax Services in Seattle, WA? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Seattle that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Property Tax Services in Seattle.

Real Estate Attorneys Seattle WA

Looking for Real Estate Attorneys in Seattle, WA? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Seattle that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Real Estate Attorneys in Seattle.

Real Estate Appraisal Seattle WA

Looking for Real Estate Appraisal in Seattle, WA? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Seattle that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Real Estate Appraisal in Seattle.

Solar Panel Installation Seattle WA

Solar panels consist of photovoltaic cells and can be used to generate and supply electricity for commercial and residential applications. Read on to find local resources for solar panel installation in Seattle and gain access to solar trackers, solar cells, solar panel mounts, solar-powered systems, and photovoltaic modules, as well as advice and content on solar panel positioning and photovoltaic systems.

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Affordable Housing Seattle WA

Low income housing offers investors the opportunity to create great products and partnerships. Read on and get more information.

Are Fractional Ownerships Replacing Second Homes? Seattle WA

In this current economy, Americans are scaling back on luxury items like vacations, while others are defaulting on second homes that were purchased for tax reasons and the prospects of major profits. For those unwilling to give up their vacations and uneasy about holding onto cash, fractional ownerships may be an inexpensive option. Read on for more.

Billboard Advertising Creates Investment Opportunity Seattle WA

Outdoor advertising is a real estate investment that can provide significant returns Some investors may want to rent space on their property for advertising, but it is not as easy as it might seem. Most cities contain regulations keeping billboards in specifically zoned districts as well as provisions that billboard advertisements must stand a specific distance away from parks and high capacity roadways.

Buy Real Estate with IRA Funds Seattle WA

You do need to understand that there are certain rules you must abide to when investing in non-traditional assets - like real estate - using funds from your IRA. Guidant Financial Group can help you properly structure your real estate IRA, and provide you with the education you need to stay within these IRS regulations, and avoid costly penalties and fees.

Buying a Home: How to Successfully Close the Sale Seattle WA

Homebuyers and Sellers have a lot to do and consider in a home sal transaction, and deals can collapse at the last minute. Here are som tips to close a sale succesffuly.

Buying HUD Foreclosures: What Investors Should Know Seattle WA

the possibility that HUD foreclosure homes might become increasingly available in the coming years should pique renewed interest among investors. However, investors should be aware of limitations in the process of purchasing HUD foreclosures that may or may not fit their personal aims for the investment.

Capitalizing on Record Foreclosures Seattle WA

There are several different types of foreclosure purchases that investors can pursue, particularly in the today's soft market. Some possibilities include pre-foreclosures, REOs—also known as bank-owned properties—trustee sale auctions and short sales. Read and find out more.

College Town Real Estate Seattle WA

College towns are attractive to a wide swath of the population for a variety of reasons. Residents, including retirees, often choose college towns because of the job and cultural offerings and other events; business owners favor the well educated population; and real estate investors tend to be drawn to them because of the steady stream of renters and reliable price appreciation.

Commercial Property Investments: How to Find the "Upside" Seattle WA

An investment property is "Upside Down" when the owner owes more than the property is worth, which is something that many residential owners understand at the moment. This may be bad for the owners, but for investors these points of weakness in the property can sometimes be improved, adding value and rewards.

Commercial Property Investments: What’s Hot, What’s Not Seattle WA

Commercial real estate is a popular investment for investors who want to look for alternatives and expand their portfolios. Commercial properties can carry much bigger payoffs than residential properties.

Commercial Real Estate Individual Property or Portfolio Opportunities Seattle WA

The plan is to acquire, improve, operate and then dispose of commercial real estate assets. The expected benefits from the plan include anticipated annual cash flow distributions on a preferred return basis to the equity partner, and sharing between equity and operating partners of anticipated property appreciation upon sale. The investor provides equity and the operating partner provides real estate expertise.

Compute Cap Rate Seattle WA

Discover the definition of cap rates and how to compute them. This is a must if you want to work with real estate investment property.

Cutting Costs with Modular Construction Seattle WA

A modular home, contrary to some common belief, is not a mobile home, not a trailer home and it's not a HUD home. It's not a panelized home or a kit home.

Defer Taxes with 1031 Exchanges Seattle WA

Here is how to take advantage of section 1031 of the tax code, for like kind exchanges, and postponing capital gains taxes. A handy tool for deferring those taxes is available, thanks to section 1031 of the tax code. A 1031 exchange, also called a “like kind�? or tax deferred exchange, is a legal way for investors to defer taxes on gains in property used for business or investment by rolling gains over into another similar, or “like kind,�? property.

Disaster Proof Green Built Housing Seattle WA

Why Strategic Alliance Homes? Strategic Alliance Homes will save lives and property. One of the most important reasons behind Strategic Alliance...

Disaster Resistant Green Home Construction Seattle WA

See below to find disaster resistant green home construction services in Seattle and gain access to earthquake resistant building, fire resistant separation walls, masonry safe rooms, dome construction, flood resistant green home design, and sustainable materials for disaster resistance home construction, as well as advice and content on disaster resistant green home construction ideas.

Finding Tenants in Competitive Markets Seattle WA

Property owners and landlords who make strategic plans to reach prospective tenants use their time and resources more efficiently. Read on for details.

Free Online Tools for Real Estate Investors Seattle WA

The internet is a powerful resource for real estate investors. As opposed to days past, investors can now use a host of internet-based tools to help with all facets of their business. Here are a few of the most promising free online tools for real estate investors.

Garage Condos for Storage and Investment Seattle WA

Garage condos may prove to be a profitable investment as demand grows for storage space—perhaps a more stable real estate market than housing—and their relatively low cost may be particularly ideal for investors just starting out who don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Getting Short Sale Offers Approved Seattle WA

There are a series of pitfalls along the way that could find the buyer at a loss to understand why the process takes so long to get an answer from the bank at all—sometimes 3 to six months. An estimated 8 to 12% of all bank assisted short sales work, but government incentives may make it viable for more short sales to work in the future.

Government Property Auctions Seattle WA

The Office of Property Disposal offers surplus federal government property for sale, including commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential properties across the country. The property is reported by the representative of the landholding agency as excess to the GSA, which first offers the property to state and local governments and authorized nonprofits.

Green Home Remodeling Seattle WA

Local resource for green home remodeling in Seattle. Includes detailed information on local business that provides access to sustainable flooring, solar powered lights, green products, green home maintenance, green home design, and solar heating, as well as advice and content on green appliances.

Green Remodeling Seattle WA

As a wave of environmental awareness continues to take the world by storm, it is important for property owners to recognize that there are many shades of green. Even on a small budget, improved energy efficiency can have a variety of benefits. Environmental gains will appear through drastic decreases in water consumption and electricity use, and satisfaction will come in the form of economic divi...

House Flipping Seattle WA

House flipping has been popular ever since people realized that a home does not have to merely be a form of shelter, but it can be a source of profit, too. House flipping has been popular ever since people realized that a home does not have to merely be a form of shelter, but it can be a source of profit, too. Flipping has also been glamorized and sensationalized on reality television shows such as Bravo’s Flipping out or TLC’s Flip this House.

How Artists Influence Real Estate Prices Seattle WA

Artists can create culture and community in a depressed neighborhood, making it more popular and improving its economy and property prices. Read on and know more.

How Mobile Home Parks Make More Money than Single-Family Home Investing Seattle WA

There are so many people chasing after single-family homes to invest in that the market is beyond saturated, and any profitability has been extinguished. Read on to learn whymobile home partks make more money than single-family home investing.

How RV Parks Are a Better Investment than Single Family Homes - And a Whole Lot More Fun, Too. Seattle WA

When most people think of investing in real estate, they always think of single-family homes. Since most of us own a house, we feel like we have a pretty good handle on evaluating them and spotting a winner from a loser. But the problem is that everyone thinks that! As a result, you have so many people chasing houses that there is no profit in any of them.

How to Avoid Buying a Drug House Seattle WA

Drug labs and grow ops operate in the city, rural areas, farms and warehouses. Look for suspicious dump sites along roadsides, in yards and around buildings. For meth labs you may see an unusual amount of chemicals and solvents such as: acetone, brake cleaner, toluene, rubbing alcohol, drain opener, camp fuel, paint thinner and gasoline additives.

How to Avoid Major Real Estate Investor Pitfalls Seattle WA

Common pitfalls real estate investors should avoid avoid during the current foreclosure buying frenzy. If you want to have wise real estate investment nowadays, you need to keep on reading this article.

How to Avoid These Seven Cash Killers for Investment Properties Seattle WA

For investment properties, there are several things will lead to your money loss. Here are the seven cash killers for investment properties and the methods to avoid them.

How to Build a Commercial Property Investor Network Seattle WA

Five steps is all you need to take to get started building a Commercial Property Investor Network! If you haven't already started the process of developing a network to fund your commercial property acquisitions start at the beginning.

How to Buy & Sell Mortgage Loans & Pools of Loans Seattle WA

There are many opportunities for buyers and brokers to acquire loans at a discount to the principal balance which may result in substantially better yields than originating a new loan. Read on for more details.

How to Buy Net Leased Real Estate with Your IRA Seattle WA

A growing number of savvy investors are setting up self-directed IRA accounts, and then using their retirement funds to invest in net leased real estate.

How to Buy Real Estate at Foreclosure Auctions Seattle WA

There are a few things you need to know about foreclosures and auctions generally before you go spouting credit card digits to the local foreclosure listing service. Yes, you can score a great deal, but more likely you’ll find yourself in over your head.

How to Buy the Dream Property that is Beyond Your Means: Fractional Ownership Seattle WA

Fractional ownership allows you and a group of other individuals to own a percentage of an investment. It can be complicated, but here are ten steps to help you to arrange a deal satisfying to everyone. Read on.

How to Choose a New Residential Development in a Foreign Country Seattle WA

It's time to assess whether the development really is right for you, and whether the development will develop as planned. You want to buy into a dynamic community—not an empty shell that will turn out to be little more than its marketing. The following are ten sets of important questions to ask of a developer to ensure that you're getting what you're paying for and that the development is on solid ground.

How to Choose a Rental Investment Property Seattle WA

Some real estate investors are interested in longer term investments as opposed to flipping investment properties. This could be in the form of a second home, or more likely—and affordably—a rental property. Here are a few tips, tricks and guidelines from a landlord and real estate investor who has invested both in short and long term real estate deals.

How to Collect Rent from Your Mobile Home Park Residents Seattle WA

Mobile home park landlords can run into problems with rent collection from tenants, and a "No pay—no stay" policy may be just what you need if you have tenants who are behind. These are some tips to show tenants the "tough love" they need to keep themselves—and the park out of debt.

How to Conduct a Physical Evaluation of a Mobile Home Park Seattle WA

Buying a mobile home park requires an investor to make many considerations in evaluating the financial and the physical aspects of the property. Here are the main items on a checklist that covers most everything that I need to look at on my initial drive and walk through.

How to Determine if Investing in Real Estate with a Self-Directed IRA is Right for You Seattle WA

Alternative assets include a wide-ranging group, such as partnerships and private equity. But the largest segment of alternative investments has been, and continues to be, real estate; in fact, almost 60 percent of alternative asset investments are in this category. Investors can invest in condos, rental properties, raw land, commercial buildings and other types of real estate from within a Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA).

How to Determine if Your Vacation Home is Eligible for a 1031 Exchange Seattle WA

If there is objective evidence that the taxpayer’s primary motive is to hold the property for investment, then limited use of the property by the taxpayer for personal enjoyment will not destroy the investment character of the property. In another word, it can maintain the investment status in 1031 exchange. Read on for details.

How to Develop a Real Estate Investing Team Seattle WA

Developing a real estate investing team may be the most important key to the success of your investment. Henry Ford was famous for saying he did not know all the answers, but knew where to find them. An investment team is no different. You don’t have to know all the real estate answers, just know where to find them. A great investment team will even think of questions you never knew to ask!

How to Evaluate Undeveloped Land Investments Seattle WA

More and more individuals are turning to self-directed IRAs to assist them in reaching their retirement goals. One simple investment, which is now allowable by the IRS, and can be purchased with a self-directed IRA is land. Here are 10 criteria to consider when purchasing land with your IRA.

How To Finance Real Estate Investments Seattle WA

Borrowing cash from friends or family for real estate investments can be a win-win scenario for both parties. Read more about how to finance real estate investment with friends and family.

How to Find a Mobile Home Park Manager Seattle WA

Mobile home parks are a very low management type of real estate. Unlike most other forms of real estate (apartments, self-storage, duplex, etc.) not much happens on a daily basis. This is because the “business�? is renting small plots of land for people to put trailers. Nothing new ever happens with the land, and the tenant is responsible for just about everything except the water and sewer pipes, and potholes in the road.

How to Find Good Real Estate Deals Seattle WA

Learn six proven ways real estate investors look for profitable real estate investment deals. This article will explain how to locate good investment opportunities that are hidden from plain view.

How to Find Opportunities in a Mobile Home Park Seattle WA

Finding mobile home sparks for sale isn't as difficult as it may seem. There are creative ways to find investment opportunities with less competition. Read on to know the details.

How to Find Profitable Tenants for Your Rental Property Seattle WA

Here are some keys to finding the most profitable tenants include effective marketing and setting clear expectations. See the following article from REIClub for more on this.

How to Find Your First Real Estate Investment Seattle WA

There are a few basic steps you'll need to complete before getting to the property buying stage. This article is geared toward helping you get your first couple deals done.

How to Fractionalize a Home Seattle WA

Fractional ownership gives buyers a deeded share in a residence (usually 1/4 to 1/13) with a set amount of weeks each year at the property and use of all of the amenities that it affords. A property management company is generally retained to take care of all of the responsibilities of maintaining the property.

How to Get a Lender to Agree to a Short Sale Seattle WA

Knowing what lenders look for when evaluating short sale proposals can mean the difference between your short sale being approved or not. One of the keys to getting the lender to agree to a short sale is being able to sell the lender on the inability of the borrower to pay, the decreased value of the home and the high costs of repairs.

How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing Seattle WA

Even savvy investors who understand the value of holding real estate in their portfolios can be hesitant. If you want to get started in real estate investing, this article will help you overcome mental barriers and help you find opportunities in the real estate market.

How to Handle Bad Tenants Seattle WA

Before you allow a tenant to move into your property, you can lay the groundwork for addressing future problems by using an airtight lease agreement. Every state has different landlord-tenant laws governing what your lease agreement can contain, so be sure to use a state-specific lease agreement.

How to Hire a Qualified RV Park or Campground Broker Seattle WA

When hiring a RV Park and Campground Broker to sell your park you need to qualify that person and validate that they are the right Broker and Company for the job. As a park owner who has made the commitment to sell your RV Park or Campground you will want to obtain not just the most exposure for your park but exposure to serious, qualified buyers.

How to Hire Qualified Mobile Home Park Brokers Seattle WA

Finding the right mobile home park brokers for the purchase or sale of a mobile home park for sale will increase your chances of obtaining the best sale price and terms. Read on.

How to Invest in Foreclosures Safely and Effectively Seattle WA

Having an understanding as to what area within the field of foreclosures you choose to invest in and understanding the timing involved can have dramatic effects on your success in picking the right foreclosure for you.

How to Invest in Real Estate with a Self-Directed IRA Seattle WA

Many investors have become disenchanted with recent stock market volatility, stories of corporate scandal and corruption. In addition to impacting retirement account values, these events have also strained investor confidence. While the list of alternative investments includes a wide-ranging group of assets — including private equities, hedge funds and mortgages — one area that has captured the greatest level of interest is real estate.

How to Invest in Real Estate with Your IRA Seattle WA

Using a self-directed IRA, investors can direct their tax-deferred or tax-exempt retirement dollars into real estate investments.

How to Invest in Real Estate without Any of Your Own Money Seattle WA

Ideally the best investment is one made by using cash flow or funds made available from capital you already have invested somewhere else. Here are three low risk easy ways to invest without touching your capital.

How to Invest Wisely in Real Estate in the Worst of Times Seattle WA

Every market has its cycles. The adage, "buy when everyone is selling and sell when everyone is buying" certainly makes sense but it takes steady nerves to follow that sage advise because it runs against the herd instinct. The current US real estate market cycle is at or near the bottom and there are bargains everywhere. It'll be time to sell when everyone jumps on the bandwagon to buy.

How to Keep Investment Properties Tenanted with Long Term Renters Seattle WA

The purpose of your investment real estate is to produce positive monthly cash flow and sell for an increased value at some point in the future. The only way rental real estate will be successful is to have excellent hands-on partners in the venture, otherwise know as tenants.

How to Keep Your Property Manager Productive Seattle WA

When vacancy rates increase you want to make sure that your units aren’t the ones that are empty. There are two ways to do that; one is to rent high quality units at excellent rates to long term tenants and the other is to keep your property manager on their toes. Here are 5 crucial tips to make sure your property is managed to its best potential.

How to Make Money in the Mobile Home Park Business Seattle WA

Advice on due diligence and buying and operating mobile home parks effectively has filled dozens and dozens of books, but the general theory of how to make money with mobile home park investments could fit on the back of an envelope. This article will explain in a few, simple steps how to make money in mobile home parks.

How to Make Money Investing in Multi-family Properties Seattle WA

Discover the three things real estate investors must do to purchase multifamily property and maximize wealth. This article explains how to find good opportunities and turn them into profitable investments.

How to Make Money with Short Sales and REO Property Seattle WA

There are two areas in real estate that are begging to be noticed: short sales and REO properties. Read on and know more.

How to Make Your Offer to Purchase Real Estate Stand Out Seattle WA

A well-written cover letter to your offer to purchase real estate will ensure that your offer gets read—and remembered. Here are some tips for you to learn how to make your offer to purchase real estate stand out, read on to get the tips.

How to Modify a Bad Real Estate Note into a Good One Seattle WA

Modification of a seller financed real estate note should be done only to salvage a deal from going bad. Let's look at the case study of a note with Julie and John.

How to Negotiate Price and Terms When Buying a House Seattle WA

Buying a house could be the biggest investment you will ever make, and you shouldn’t just rely on the Seller’s word. It is important to learn the true value of the property and then negotiate the right price and terms. Here are some tools that can help you.

How to Own Commercial Property Leased to a Credit Tenant with No Management Hassles Seattle WA

For every action there is a reaction. If things are bad for one, they have to be good for another, right? The same principal applies in the world of investment real estate.

How to Physically Prepare Your Mobile Home Park for a Sale Seattle WA

Getting your mobile home park ready for sale involves more than just preparing income and expense reports and updating rent rolls. To obtain top dollar a mobile home park owner needs to address the physical aspects of the park.

How to Prequalify Assets for a Successful Real Estate Auction Outcome Seattle WA

The information you are about to read is not commonly gifted and is comprised of many years of success and failure in the auction business. It is intended for real estate professionals who are new to real estate auctions and their emerging popularity. If this describes you well, the advice you will receive in this article will be critical to your success in this business.

How to Profit by Investing in High Supply and Low Demand Properties Seattle WA

Although most real estate investors seek properties that are in high demand with a relatively low supply, an astute investor focuses on high supply, low demand properties where the pricing can be extremely favorable.

How to Profit by Providing Hard Money Real Estate Loans Seattle WA

It is a truism in real estate investing that money is made when you purchase; the profit is realized when you sell. The problem for the investor is that everyone is trying to buy at a discount.

How to Profit from Historically Low Prices Seattle WA

The devastation in mortgage investments has had a huge impact on investment psychology. Investors from Park Avenue to Main Street are still shell-shocked by the devastation and many are blind to see opportunities developing in some specific mortgage investments.

How to Profit From Preconstruction Seattle WA

Buying preconstruction, or off-plan, is where you buy into a development before it has been constructed. You are relying on a set of architectural plans. Frequently, developers will offer substantial discounts to buy off-plan. The best preconstruction projects will sell out before a shovel goes in the ground. Often the best units go to “insiders.�?

How to Profit from Pre-construction Investments Seattle WA

Buying pre-construction is where you buy into a development before it has been constructed. You are relying on a set of architectural plans. Frequently, developers will offer substantial discounts to buy off-plan. The best pre-construction projects will sell out before a shovel goes in the ground. Often the best units go to “insiders.�?

How to Protect Your Assets as a Rental Property Owner Seattle WA

Nobody wants to be sued, so do everything you can to avoid it and, if it happens, minimizing your legal exposure. How? Read on, here are some things you should know to protect yourself from litigation and other legal issues related to being a landlord.

How to Quickly Evaluate Potential Mobile Home Properties Seattle WA

This article provides you some tips on how to quickly analyze and value mobile home parks before investing extra time and money in researching them. Read on to get the tips.

How to Retire On Just One Mobile Home Park Seattle WA

Many mobile home park sellers are moms and pops with little professional management experience. As a result, there is room for incredible improvement in their operating numbers. Let's just look at three areas that they normally struggle with.

How to Screen Tenants Seattle WA

How landlords and real estate investors can protect themselves through good tenants and a good lease. Read on.

How to Secure that Sales Contract or Rental Agreement with 7 Cheap Improvements Seattle WA

Charm people with the details, and they'll justify their emotional decision reacting to that charm. Here are ten improvements you can make to your rental or rehab property without breaking the bank, that will make for an excellent first impression for your buyers or tenants.

How to Slash Your Rental Vacancy Rates Seattle WA

There are the obvious costs to vacant rental properties: paying for the mortgage, insurance, taxes and utilities out of pocket. But the costs don't end there. Rental property vacancies can be crippling to landlords, so it's extremely important to minimize them. Here are 8 tips for cutting weeks or months off your rental vacancies.

How to Start Buying REO Properties the Right Way Seattle WA

Learn the proper way to search for REO properties, write the offer correctly the first time, and know when to walk away from a time and money-wasting deal. Read on for more details of buying REO properties the right way.

How to Take Advantage of Leverage to Profit in Pre-Construction Seattle WA

Buying pre-construction can be a profitable short-term investment strategy, if the property appreciates before the home is completed. Read on for details of this issue.

How to Take Advantage of Today's Real Estate Market: Investing in Mobile Home Parks Seattle WA

Mobile home park is a more and more popular terms of real estate market. There are several reasons for you to buy a mobile home park, read on to discover those reasons.

How to Use a Self-Directed IRA to Buy Your Retirement Home Now Seattle WA

Real estate IRAs are rapidly gaining in popularity. Yet, despite, this growing interest, many have never considered the one particularly attractive possibility these types of accounts present: buying a retirement home now—at today’s prices—to occupy after retirement age has been reached.

How to Use Hard Money Loans to Finance Real Estate Seattle WA

There are a lot of misconceptions about hard money lenders: what they are, what they aren’t, how much they cost, and when you should use them. Hard money lenders are neither thieving opportunists nor last-minute saviors, but they are a resource that can sometimes be the right fit for a real estate deal. Here is a guide to what hard money lenders are, and what kind of borrowers and loans are appropriate for hard money loans.

How to Use Leverage with a Real Estate IRA Seattle WA

Using self-directed IRA funds to purchase income-generating real estate is a profitable strategy an ever-growing number of investors are employing. These accounts (a.k.a. real estate IRAs) can buy rental property as an investment, just as they would buy stock market securities.

How to Write Better Real Estate Contracts Seattle WA

This article teaches investors specific items that one should never omit from a real estate contract, whether buying or purchasing property. Read on to know how to write better real estate contracts.

International Real Estate Investment: What Investors Should Know Seattle WA

While we recognize that a detailed guide to investing in international real estate could easily fill a book, here are some of the basics into a short list of what investors should know before venturing into foreign real estate.

Invest in Multi-Family Properties with a Self-Directed IRA Seattle WA

Buy multi-family properties, foreign property, mortgage notes and a nearly limitless number of purchases as retirement-account investments. Guidant’s self-directed IRA vehicle could bring you benefits.

Invest in Private Mortgages with a Self-Directed IRA Seattle WA

With the ease of writing a check, you can make both alternative and traditional investments within the same account...and save thousands in traditional transaction and asset-based fees! Read on for more details.

Investing in Commercial Real Estate Seattle WA

Most real estate investors get started buying single-family houses, probably because it's what we're the most familiar with. But whether you're going straight to the big time or are ready to advance from houses to larger (and more profitable) deals, here are 10 time-tested guidelines to follow that will help you have more success.

Investing in Foreclosures Seattle WA

There are a number of different ways in which foreclosed properties can be purchased, each with varying levels of risk and potential return. Before identifying opportunities, though, purchasers must first figure out the phase in the foreclosure process that is best suited for them.

Investing in Foreclosures: The Risks and Rewards Seattle WA

Foreclosures have accelerated at a sometimes head-spinning pace as homeowners continue to default on their mortgage loans. Like any other opportunity, investing in foreclosures has its advantages as well as its risks. Read on to know the risks and rewards.

Investing in Multi-Family Properties Seattle WA

Investing in multi-unit real estate has many advantages for buyers looking to create wealth through building a real estate portfolio. The following article shows 5 reasons to invest in multi-unit real estate.

Investing in Real Estate? Consider an LLC Seattle WA

Investment properties come with many liabilities for investors. Forming an LLC may very well be the first precautionary step in sound risk management. Investment properties can create liabilities. Things like parking lots, laundry rooms, staircases and tenants themselves can all bring liabilities to the property owner. Precautionary measures should be taken to protect the investor and his or her investment, and forming an LLC may very well be the first step in sound risk management.

Investing in REO Properties: Deal or No Deal? Seattle WA

The new wave of REO properties on the market may pique the interest of many investors, particularly those who believe that banks are eager to get rid of them, and as a result, are willing to negotiate to the buyer’s advantage. But can investors really haggle their way to exceptional deals? Read on to find the answers.

Investing in Wholesale Preconstruction Real Estate Seattle WA

Buying in bulk is a strategy many shoppers use to save money. That same strategy can also help real estate investors expand their profits. But as with all investments, there are risks to consider.

Investment Risks Seattle WA

Ultimately, any investor who wants to be right 100 percent of the time is going to make a poor investor. This kind of investor tends to make one mistake and then give up permanently on entire markets of investments. Thus they spend years switching between investor hats (i.e., stock trader, real estate investor, lender, business investor or owner) and end up with little to show for it.

Land Trusts for Real Estate Investors: Helpful or Hype? Seattle WA

For most real estate investors, land trusts are not a viable vehicle to hold title to a property. Read on and know more information.

Learning How to Invest In Real Estate Seattle WA

For people who don't know real estate industry well, investing in real estate is very risky. In order to earn large profit from this, you should learn how to invest in it. Keep on reading for tips.

Lease Options Seattle WA

In a lease option, the property owner leases the property to a tenant with an option to purchase at or before a set date. The purchase price is usually set up front, and the tenant often makes an up front payment as a sort of down payment. A rental rate is typically set at least a few hundred dollars higher than the fair market rent, and the excess amount is often credited toward the down payment if the tenant exercises the option to purchase.

Legal Help on Mortgage Foreclosure Scams Seattle WA

Homeowners facing challenges have another thing to watch out for, mortgage foreclosure scams. The sub prime crisis has escalated foreclosure properties that are vulnerable to unscrupulous individuals posing as foreclosure rescue experts. Don’t fall for this foreclosure rescue scam. Please scroll down to learn more and get access to the litigation lawyers in Seattle, WA listed below.

Legal Help on Real Estate Fraud Seattle WA

Real estate fraud is more common than you think. The best way not to fall for real estate scams is to become aware. Know what you are getting into before putting your money into real estate investments. Please scroll down to learn more and get access to the litigation lawyers in Seattle, WA listed below.

Low Income Housing Seattle WA

Vacancies in rental units and nonpaying tenants may become a thing of the past for real estate investors who register with a low-income housing assistance program called The Housing Choice Voucher Program. This program provides a growing market of thousands of potential tenants to landlords, which may be particularly helpful in rough rental markets with high vacancy rates. Read for more.

Mobile Home Park Due Diligence Seattle WA

When you put a mobile home park under contract, you should have a stipulation in the contract that will allow you to confirm what the seller has said and to evaluate the overall feasibility of the purchase. Due diligence should involve looking at the physical, economic, demographic and market feasibility of the project. This time period should usually take between 30 and 60 days. In conducting your due diligence, you may call on experts in surveying, accounting, marketing, financing, plumbing, electrical and legal fields.

Mobile Home Park Investment Boom Seattle WA

As cities expand, more and more parks are being converted from "eyesores" into subdivisions that appeal to mainstream buyers. With a dwindling supply comes increased competition for the mobile home parks that remain. When parks are turned into more profitable developments, former park residents must find new places to live and they often look first to nearby parks, competing for spaces there.

Mobile Home Parks: How to Avoid Buying a Pretty Loser Seattle WA

Some mobile home park buyers have this erroneous idea that the goal is to buy the best-looking mobile home park they can find. They even rate parks based on physical appearance. The star system is a good example. Most investors think a five-star park is always superior to a one-star park. However, the only real star system they should consider is which park is a superstar on cash flow. At the end of the day, all that really matters when you own a mobile home park is cash flow.

New Housing Rescue Plan Will Impose New Restrictions on Lenders Seattle WA

Recognizing the limited success of its mortgage modification plans, the latest TARP provisions will impose new restrictions on lenders in terms of initiating foreclosures. Read on.

Next Wave Of Housing Aid Will Focus On Mortgage Principal Forgiveness Seattle WA

New plans to push lenders to offer principal forgiveness and originate Federal Housing Administration (FHA)-backed refinance mortgages are leading borrower advocates to argue that the program isn’t enough to entice lenders and servicers to participate. Additionally, industry players are concerned over the potential moral hazard the initiative potentially presents. Read on.

Ownership Through Limited Liability Companies Seattle WA

Many investors have probably heard about holding properties in a limited liability company (LLC) but aren't sure about the details of doing so. For a number of investors, the benefits of ownership through an LLC outweigh the drawbacks.

Planning Your Strategy for International Real Estate Investment Seattle WA

Buying real estate overseas is fun and glamorous. It can also be very profitable but you need to be clear from the start what you want to get out of the property—and how much you are willing to put in.

Profit from Property Flipping Seattle WA

Flipping simply means buying a property and reselling it quickly, as opposed to holding on to a property long term as a rental. Flipping comes in several varieties, most of which are legal and profitable, some of which are not.

Property Tax Services Seattle WA

Looking for Property Tax Services in Seattle, WA? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Seattle that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Property Tax Services in Seattle.

Rare Homes: Not Just Antiques and Custom-Built Mansions Seattle WA

Unique homes in a given market show less depreciation even in a downturn, and buyers and sellers of such homes must alter their strategies accordingly. Read on to know more.

Real Estate Agent Seattle WA

The harsh reality is that many real estate agents are unable to assist investors in assessing potential purchases. Their shortcomings include limited experience as property owners, limited understanding of the tax benefits of investment real estate, and an inability to look at real estate's income production aspect. See the following article for more on this.

Real Estate Agents Can Be a Property Investor's Best Friend Seattle WA

One of the most critical steps for a new investor is finding a competent real estate agent who understands your needs as an investor and will work hard for you. This article attempts to address that need.

Real Estate Appraisal Seattle WA

Looking for Real Estate Appraisal in Seattle, WA? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Seattle that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Real Estate Appraisal in Seattle.

Real Estate Attorneys Seattle WA

Looking for Real Estate Attorneys in Seattle, WA? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Seattle that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Real Estate Attorneys in Seattle.

Real Estate Commissions: What are You Paying for? Seattle WA

Are real estate agents worth the price of commission? Ultimately, both buyer and seller absorb some of the cost in most cases, but where does that money go? Read the following article to find out!

Real Estate Infomercials Seattle WA

Infomercials are a form of Direct Response T.V. (DRTV), a television advertising method that encourages consumers to contact the company directly. They are used to advertise everything from rotisserie ovens to real estate investment seminars. Read on to know more about this.

Real Estate Investing: Focus on the Fundamentals Seattle WA

There are three main criteria that must be addressed before moving ahead with any real estate investment. The key to a successful property purchase comes first from an evaluation and understanding of the area in which you'll potentially be pouring your capital. Today we'll focus on the fundamentals.

Real Estate Investment Listings Seattle WA is a real estate search website that may be helpful for investors. It offers property listings, mapping features, and demographical information for real estate properties across the U.S.

Real Estate Investment Partnerships Seattle WA

Real estate investment partnerships or joint ventures normally involve a single real estate asset and usually consist of “passive�? owners, who generally provide the funds for the investment operation, and “active�? owners, such as construction companies or land developers, who execute the business.

Real Estate Investors Seattle WA

You'd think after losing $7 trillion in the stock market, people would have learned! Nope, they are making the same mistake, which is assuming that what happened yesterday will happen tomorrow. Nine of ten new investors I meet say they are interested in real estate because they saw someone else make money from the rapid appreciation of the market over the last few years.

Real Estate Investors Seattle WA

Avoiding the common pitfalls of real estate investing can help you reach your wealth building goals faster. This can include avoiding costly tactical mistakes or blocking the wrong type of thinking that can sabotage investor success. See the following article for more on this.

Renting to Felons Seattle WA

Felons account for roughly 8 percent of the American working class population, but finding gainful employment and a place to live can be a struggle for these people. An investor willing to take a chance could have a large and willing group of renters at their disposal if they would be willing to rent with those with a felony conviction, but as with any invstment, this carries some risk.

Seller Financing for Real Estate: What Investors Should Know Seattle WA

Understanding the concept of seller financing is easy: the seller assumes the role of a bank and finances the buyer's purchase. As the country struggles with a sluggish real estate market, seller financing presents a way for buyers and sellers to close deals that might not be possible with conventional financing.

Sellers of NNN (Triple Net Lease) Properties Seattle WA

Triple-net-leased property sellers fall into three categories: investor/owners of leased properties; owner/users creating sale/leasebacks; and build-to-suit developers. Read on for more details.

Seminars Seattle WA

Seminars can provide great opportunities for learning about investments Full of buzzwords and empty promises, many of these seminars draw large crowds. Yet in the realm of real estate education, seminars are one of the only places where investors can get some hands-on training in real estate investing. The key to being a savvy investor is being able to filter through the good, the bad and the ugly of real estate seminars—before you spend your money.

Setting the Stage for Investors Seattle WA

In a tough market, home staging—meticulously setting the scene in a home to help it appeal to potential buyers—may be the cure for a property that just won't sell, particularly for vacant homes typically sold by investors. Read and find out more.

Short Sale Negotiating Tactics Seattle WA

With property markets across the U.S. in decline, the term short sale is quickly gaining recognition. Buying a short sale property can be a long, exhausting process and investors would benefit from knowing how to navigate these transactions.

Should You Invest in REO Properties or Pre-Forclosures? Seattle WA

Many investors looking to buy foreclosures debate on the merits of pursuing a bank-owned REO versus pre-foreclosure property. Getting a good deal on either type of foreclosure property requires dealing with the lender, understanding the timing for getting the best deal, having access to good financing and being realistic on the costs to renovate the property.

Solar Panel Installation Seattle WA

Solar panels consist of photovoltaic cells and can be used to generate and supply electricity for commercial and residential applications. Read on to find local resources for solar panel installation in Seattle and gain access to solar trackers, solar cells, solar panel mounts, solar-powered systems, and photovoltaic modules, as well as advice and content on solar panel positioning and photovoltaic systems.

Solar Power: A Bright Idea Seattle WA

For many investors, the costs of "green" investments such as solar power are hard to justify. But investors who are interested in solar power have the opportunity to save money by taking advantage of unique financing strategies and government-offered subsidies, rebates and tax incentives, in addition to long-term savings on energy costs.

Tax Tips for Rental Real Estate Investors Seattle WA

More than half of individual taxpayers with rental real estate “misreport�? related activities on their tax returns, according to a new congressional report, which recommended changes in tax reporting requirements for rental real estate activities.

The 9 Habits of Highly Effective Real Estate Investors Seattle WA

While there is no degree one can earn to become a successful real estate investor, most successful real estate investors do share similar characteristics. Having and working a plan, building a strong network of mentors and advisors, staying on top of changes in the market, being vigilant in portfolio management and treating people well, are just some of the characteristics of successful real estate investors.

The Best Method of Creating Long-Term Sustainable Returns Seattle WA

Investing long-term rental properties can be one of the best ways of generating sustainable returns. In order for this strategy to work, it's necessary for you to purchase property as inexpensively as you can and to ensure that the cash flow generated from your property is consistently more than the expenses associated with owning it.

The Model Home Investment Seattle WA

Model homes allow real estate investors to buy at low cost, immediately lease the property and potentially sell high. By utilizing builder leasebacks, investors can cover much of the cost associated with the home, receive free maintenance and keep the investment property pristine during the life of the lease.

The New Rules for Investing in Commercial Real Estate Seattle WA

There are two cardinal rules that lenders and borrowers forgot to abide by over the past few years. For borrowers, they failed to make good on their promises to pay back however much they accepted from the lenders. For lenders, they failed to lend only what they knew the borrowers could pay back.

The Risks Involved When Buying Foreclosure Properties Seattle WA

Investing in foreclosure properties is much more complicated and risky than the typical real estate transaction, and not recommended for real estate beginners. Read on to get more information.

The Time And Cost Savings Of Multi-Unit Real Estate Seattle WA

Multi-unit real estate offers investors cost-effective and time-saving advantages, compared to managing multiple single-family homes. Read on.

The Top 5 Landlord Mistakes to Avoid Seattle WA

With equal parts hard work (which you'll have to do yourself) and knowledge/expertise (read on), being a landlord can be a fast track to passive income and wealth accrual. If you want to be a successful landlord, there are several mistakes you should avoid, read on to know these 5 mistakes.

The Worst Mistakes Real Estate Investors Can Make Seattle WA

While there are a lot of mistakes you can make with real estate investments, identifying some of the common mistakes ahead of time can save you a lot of time and money. The worst mistakes can involve not starting with the right frame of mind, to not optimally managing your cash and equity.

Title Insurance: Exceptions to the Rule Seattle WA

If you've been investing in real estate for any length of time, you're probably well aware of the wisdom of securing an owner's title insurance policy whenever you purchase property. But are you aware the exceptions to coverage in the policy? Read and find out more.

Title Issues Can Make Property Sales Fall Flat Seattle WA

When purchasing a new property, often the last things on a buyer’s mind are potential title problems that could arise later on. But the fact is that 26 percent of title searches reveal an issue that can be corrected before purchasing the property, according to the American Land Title Association. If these issues go uncorrected, they can pose big problems for investors when they eventually come to light.

Top 10 1031 Exchange Considerations Seattle WA

Because a 1031 exchange can only be made into property that qualifies as “like kind,�? the investor must consider whether the properties in that category offer attractive enough opportunity to warrant an exchange. A 1031 exchange will eliminate opportunities in other markets such as equities, lending, commodities, etc.

Top 10 Ways to Lose Money in Real Estate Seattle WA

Would-be investors can learn how to avoid real estate investment mistakes from NuWire's top 10 ways to lose money in real estate. Contrary to what some real estate promoters will tell you, it is possible to lose money in real estate. Therefore it behooves any would-be investor to learn from the mistakes made by others. One rule I have always adhered to in real estate is that everything will always cost twice as much and take twice as long as you expect—and that’s if you’re conservative in your planning.

Top 5 Little-Known Uses about 1031 Exchanges Seattle WA

Reverse exchanges, improvement exchanges, partial exchanges, foreign property exchanges, and unusual options for 1031 exchanges. Reverse exchanges are a relatively recent development, allowing investors to purchase a replacement property and then sell their existing property within 180 days. Because the investor may not hold title to both properties simultaneously, a qualified intermediary holds title to one of them.

Top 5 Ways to Get Out of Real Estate Investments Seattle WA

When entering into a real estate investment, investors should have multiple exit strategies for a variety of circumstances. Here are some tips for leaving a real estate investment or avoiding foreclosure with minimal damage.

Troubled Real Estate Investments Seattle WA

When investment properties are in trouble or underwater, an owner's best options can include seeking loan modification or sale to the current tenant. Failing this, owners may still be able to prevent foreclosure by negotiating with lenders who are anxious to avoid taking on this burden.

Wedding Venues Seattle WA

Local resource for wedding venues in Seattle, WA. Includes detailed information on local wedding and bridal services that give access to indoor wedding ceremony venues, outdoor wedding ceremony venues, outdoor wedding reception venues, and indoor wedding reception venues, as well as advice and content on garden weddings, beach weddings, and banquet hall weddings.

What Investors Need to Know about Short Sale Properties Seattle WA

Short sales are very popular with investors because they represent an opportunity to buy a home at less than market value. However, before stepping into the quicksand, there are a few things investors should be aware of.

What to Consider Before Bidding on Foreclosed Homes at Auction Seattle WA

Understanding all the details about a foreclosure auction, conducting thorough due diligence on the properties up for auction and defining clear objectives for what one plans to do with an acquired property, are all key components to consider before bidding at a foreclosure auction. The following article from REIClub has more on this.

Why Invest in Mobile Home Parks? Seattle WA

Dave Reynolds explains the advantages of mobile home parks as a rental property investment. Read on and get more information.